Alloy Wheel Repair

The Wheel Doctor is Guernsey’s exclusive alloy wheel repair shop, nobody offers more experience in repairing alloys than us. We can repair almost any alloy any size from minor curb damage to a complete colour change. Damage to your alloy wheels is hard to avoid, whether it’s from swerving around that bus or Guernsey’s fresh sea air corroding the alloy. The Wheel Doctor is ready to assist on guiding you through the necessary steps to get your alloys back to original condition. Remember, repairing your alloy wheels could increase the value of your car more than you think, so whether your trying to sell your vehicle or just keeping up general maintenance pop in and see The Wheel Doctor first.


Custom Colours

In many cases customers require their alloy wheels to be restored back to original colour but The wheel doctor can apply a range of custom colours to your alloys like black chrome, gloss black, Xirallics and pearls. All alloys are lacquered in high solid durable material which can be gloss, satin or matt.


Tyres and Balancing

The Wheel Doctor can also supply new tyres and wheel balancing. If your in need of new tyres then we recommend having tyres fitted either before or at the same time as the repair.